Updating to Nextra

Updatied my site to Nextra (opens in a new tab)

Reasoning Wanted to use images in my blog

Working Notes

After Nextra Update Checklist

Notes on the process

Working through the checklist

New Header Layout Adding my name and an icon to the header, moving the menu items above the page title

Some things I would expect to work while updating my website header

Inspecting the About Headline

Searching in the repo doesn't reveal an <h1>, About keywords or any kind of data binding. The index.mdx is the default homepage and also the About page. I'll have to dig in more as to how the code is generating the markup for the site.

**01.24.24 14:30 EST Going to hit pause on this and return after spending some time with the family** **01.28.24 15:10 EST Alright revisiting this while watching the Ravens vs. Chiefs. Probably taking a break to help my daugther to study for mid-terms**

Alright so what I am trying to do?

**01.31.24 Got distracted again by attempting to create a public page. Going to see if ** © Robert Fauver.RSS