Create a Diverse Welcome Message in your Service Now Employee Center

Employee Center has a nice hero illustration with a prompt to search for help. A common pattern I’ve seen is customizing with a Welcome message for the current user. Let’s expand on this a bit and include a diverse welcome message that rotates greetings in different languages.

Default Banner

Use the application navigator and navigate to Service Portal > Widgets list and select the Homepage Search widget. Here’s what we get for the default

Default Widget

Let's clone with Homepage Search and call it Homepage Search and Welcome. Time in write some JavaScript in the client controller. We’ll need to…

Here's what we have for the Client controller

api.controller=function($scope) {
	/* widget controller */
	var c = this;
	var welcomeLanguages = [
      'Suāgata hai',
      'Soo dhawoow',
	var random = Math.floor(Math.random() * welcomeLanguages.length);
	var welcome = welcomeLanguages[random];
	$scope.welcome = welcome;
<pre class="language-javascript">
        function getFullName (user) {
            const fullName = user.firstName + user.lastName;
            return fullName;

Update the widget in the Employee Center Homepage with $scope.welcome and ...

<h2 class="text-center text-4x m-b-lg sp-tagline-color">{{welcome}}, Robert</h2>

Hit Save, Refresh multiple times to see the random welcome messages. 🥳

Punjabi Welcome

Somali Welcome

Japanese Welcome

Welsh Welcome

Possible Enhancements

**Masculine and Femine

**Add the flag of the country where the language is used

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